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We provide a web-based solution using Microsoft® technology and build the system based on three tiers.

The Tiers

Data Repository

The storage space for the data extracted from various data sources, which undergoes a series of steps as part of the ETL process.

For our data repository, we use Microsoft SQL® and Azure Databricks®.

Semantic layer 

A business representation of company data that helps end users access data autonomously using common business terms.

A semantic layer maps complex data into familiar business terms such as product, customer or revenue, to offer a unified, consolidated view of data across the organization.

For the Semantic layer, we use Microsoft SQL® Views.

Front-end layer

User interface that allows the user to access Reporting, Analysis and Data Mining.

For the reporting we Use Microsoft Power BI ®.

For Analytics and Data mining we use Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics®

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